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The Same Dream (Over Again)


The award-winning 'The Same Dream (Over Again)' is the first official single release for Raphael Love.


Featuring lush production and a full string section, its subject matter dives into adolescent love, heartbreak and acceptance, as it follows a relationship of opposites attracted. 

'Star-crossed lovers, double-crossed by fate.'


"even your stone-age old shoes

circa like 1992

make me somehow realise

that i'm about to lose myself

to you"


"i feel like time got the best of us

and the devil, he got the rest of us

i'd burn myself at his feet

if my dreams could lead me back to you"


"sara, i know you've been trying

i know you've been crying

i've had to swim for the door

sara, lay your mind on me

wriggle yourself free

that's what i'm here for"




Raphael Love is a young art-pop

singer-songwriter based in Melbourne, Australia

From an intimate concert in a mountain top forest, to a packed-out

World War Two bomb shelter somewhere beneath London,

Raphael has performed his music for a wide variety of audiences.

With a sweet voice and a steady guitar hand, he pairs vintage elements with modern material to create a passionate and moving Alt-Pop soundscape - the perfect accompaniment to his hook-laden melodies, and art learnt from inspirations such as Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and David Bowie.

Making use of his writing background, Raphael seeks out new and untouched song topics to explore - while also bringing a fresh perspective and honesty to everyday tales

of relationships and life gone wrong.

Currently, Raphael is working with producer and artist

Joshua Moriarty of Miami Horror,

All The Colours andTelenova,

cutting tracks for an upcoming future release.

Following the great success headlining music co-operative

'Vibe Union's 'Dusty Sessions', Raphael has begun to focus his energies onto the live stage more than ever before.




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